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Privacy Policy

3. Collection of Personal Information
3.1 How we collect Personal Information
We collect Personal Information in the ordinary course of our business, which is the provision of goods and services in relation to our web-based platform connecting overseas students, education agents and education providers within Australia known as Genie System. Personal Information is collected when you:
(a) contact or correspond with us via email, telephone or via our website;
(b) have your details uploaded onto Genie System by a student, education agent or education provider;
(c) upload details onto Genie System yourself;
(d) utilise or engage with Genie System;
(e) subscribe to our newsletters or complete surveys and online forms;
(f) purchase or enquire about our goods and services;
(g) seek support in relation to our goods and services; or
(h) make customer service related enquiries.
3.2 What Personal Information is collected?
The types of Personal Information we collect include:
(a) personal identification information such as your name, address, telephone number, email and identification documents;
(b) education related information such as your education history, enrolment forms and offers;
(c) digital information such as IP address and device identification;
(d) where you are a student, information related to your visa application; or
(e) any additional information you provide to us.
Where you contact us on behalf of your employer, the information you provide often contains information about your employment, position and employers contact details. In those circumstances certain employment information is collected.